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"I like to think of beer as liquid cuisine"

I love brewing more than I love drinking beer. I immerse myself in what I do, I explore the world around it. I'm inspired by those like myself. Attempting to better our industry and staying environmentally friendly about it. I know who those people are when I meet them and I find inspiration from them. After receiving my Masters in Brewing Technologies from VBL Berlin June 2017, I intend to open a new brewery concept (website and details to come).

West Seattle Brewery - Assistant/Head Brewer - 2016

- Brewhouse management expertise includes: inventory of hops, yeast and malt ordering through Country Malt Group (CMG), mash-in, brew, transfer, diacetyl rests, CIP fermenters, sanitization of fermenters, harvesting and pitching yeast, measuring gravity of fermenting beers, carbonation, sanitary preparation for transfer using Burko sanitization guidelines and manual maintenance of kegs
- Consistently demonstrates attention to detail and effective communication of brewery operations to owners to enhance production value and production volumes for brewhouse
- Efficient management of safety configurations to minimize error while supervising machinery
- Filled, cleaned, and maintained glycol system utilizing connection consistency and cooling system improvements
- Proficient at glycol knockout, fermentation transfer, keg cleaning, setup and configurations including maintenance
- Experience brewing beer ranges from lagers to barrel-aged sours, including stouts, belgians, IPA, Kolsch, Browns, and more

47 Hills Brewery - Partner/Owner

- Led marketing development and distribution including website, logo, video and photography
Collaborated with a team to efficiently move brewhouse from Gordon Biersch location downtown San Francisco to South San Francisco
- Engaged in active promotion and brand recognition for the organization’s business development 

VLB Berlin is coming up fast. Checkout my blog to see what I'm up to!



I have an extensive audio background, A B.A. in Audio Engineering technologies and 15 years experience putting passions on screen. My knowledge for large scale audio Post-Production studios ranges from the ancient SoundMasterION to the new Avid S6's and pretty much everywhere in between. I'm an expert in sync technologies, cloud backup and archive systems (mirrored blade servers), full range of Avid Products with an emphasis in audio, particularly Pro Tools. Awards include:

  1. Philo T. Farnsworth Award, 2012
  2. TEC Foundation Awards 2009-­13
  3. PAR Excellence Award 2012



All these guitars were built by hand by me out of Stainless Steel 16g cold rolled steel. This is only a couple of them.

When you order a guitar from me you get: A short video of your guitar being built, a frequency analysis of the body resonation featuring built in channels so the primary fundamental resonating frequency is based on the players primary scale, a case, a tuner, custom electronics and of course, your guitar. While I continue to create the guitar masterpieces when I can, the waitlist is now over a year. 

I treat them all as my babies and ensure the highest quality with all American-made parts. Finish coating can be powder-coat or paint.  


A unique web-series designed to showcase what the human race is up to on planet earth. Its a British nature show narrative that depicts the human race as the animals that they really are.  

Click on the links below to watch each episode. They will open a new browser window, be prepared! 

1. The Fall of the Cougar - This episode is dedicated to the species we like to call. Homo-Sapien-Takeadvanticus-Cougaralia. A species in a rare form, this is a first glimpse into their elusive lives and mating habits.

2. Hopeless Romantics - We took extra care to not disturb this frustrated breed. Valentine's Day is an extraordinary time for the subspecies Homo-Sapien-Pillow-Patheticus. Be careful if you decide to leave the house.

3. The Big Race - This spry and lively group of Homo-Sapien- Adolescent-Juvalious have found new stomping grounds. Now let's see if it helps them attract a mate..

4. On the Brink of Starvation - In a dark corner of this earth, at the edge of where we thought nothing could live. We found Homo-Selian-Rankopotamus. A feisty species that has almost rid itself from this planet for a mere morsel of food.

5. A Frivolous Extravaganza - We had no idea there was such a wasteful group of Homos after what we had just witnessed with Homo-Selian-Rankopotamus. Homo-Sapien-Extravaganza-Frivolous is performing a rare mating ritual. This is the first recorded documentation of this rare event.

6. The Great Migration - The Homos we found next are the most thriving Homo's on earth. We found more species here than on any other land. So many in fact, that they have become docile, retarded and extremely passive on there migration to the waters, from the waters.

7. A Flourishing Population - These misers have complete control over the future of our planet. With nothing to do all day, they spend their weeks figuring out the most useless way to spend our money.


Sam was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised on a healthy dose of snowboarding, hiking, and the outdoors.  One of six kids, he grew up with a respect for older brothers and protection of little sisters.

During high school, Sam met three of his close friends all with whom he formed the band, the Kamakazeez.  In 1999, they played with the Warp Tour and after envious glimpses targeted towards the mixing boards, Sam made his decision to go into audio work.  After a short three-year stint in the US Air Force, he received an Honorable Discharge and more than a lifetime of memories.

With dancing audio waves still floating in his eyes, he went in search of a school that would give him the education that he needed to pursue his lifelong dream of playing with audio.  That school, he found was Expressions College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA.  After three and a half years in the city by the Bay, Sam graduated with a Bachelors Degree of Applied Science with an emphasis in Sound Engineering.  With the degree and Salutatorian award still fresh in his hands, Sam took his first steps towards making his career.

Working his way into numerous positions at Digidesign (now Avid) Sam’s passion for education has been ferocious.  He volunteered teaching workshops in local studios and drove curriculum on the board of directors at the Art Institute downtown San Francisco among many other things.  Sam has always immersed himself in learning, gaining a vast network of tools along the way.

Outside audio work Sam has been busy trying to preview what his life would be like in the brewing industry. He had been home brewing for a few years already at the same time noticing that his audio career is winding down. He needed to make a change. What he decided to do after that is in the fearful minds of millions of people. Most don't make a career change. Or they fear it so much, they never end up doing it. Sam, however is a different kind of believer. He took that change head on and in 2015 he finally made the move. Working as an Assistant/Head brewer at West Seattle Brewery. He brewed for almost a year, and a couple original recipes later, he realizing his passions are real and looking for higher knowledge. He found that school seemed to be the answer to all his questions and signed up. Berlin bound (VLB Berlin) he is well on his way to making a bigger impact on the craft and quality of the industry.

He is never one to do something half-hearted whether its a Luther shop building custom steel electric guitars/basses, filming something random and creating short videos or pretty much everything else you can think of under the sun!!





  1. VLB Berlin 2017
  2. 47 Hills Brewery
  3. Pure Water Solutions
  4. Energize Efficiency
  5. My Baked Chef (Food concept)
  6. Alchemy Brewery (Website to come!)